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It’s not where you take things from, it’s where you take them to.

Jean Luc Godard

What We Do

At Virtua Studio we help artists, storytellers and pop culture brands leverage new technology that will grow their audiences and generate new streams of revenue around their valuable IP.


Technology is redefining how people interact with the things they feel drawn to, whether that be art, stories or the brands and ideas they love. This web of emerging new technologies is expanding at an astounding rate, while also becoming more and more complex to understand and work with.


That’s where we come in.

With experts in the fields of Augmented and Virtual Reality, Blockchain Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Animation and 3D Development plus an in-house team of concept developers, project managers and builders we stand at the forefront of this ever-evolving space.


In addition, we are connected to the key platforms and partners that can turn your valuable IP into new digital opportunities and entirely new revenue streams that have only recently become a possibility. These connections include the world’s leading Digital Art Marketplaces, exciting new Virtual Worlds, Interactive Entertainment Builders, top tier Blockchain Exchanges and essential Blockchain Support Services and leading Game Developers. 


Virtua Studio is ideally placed to invest in your IP and to work with you turn it into something incredible. Something that will resonate with millions of new fans who will fall in love with your stories, your worlds and your creations in these new digital forms.


Virtua, Unlocking Digital Possibilities.

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The Opportunities

We help pop culture brands and artists harness cutting edge technology that engages bigger audiences and generates more revenue.

What Can We Create For You?

From the world of blockchain to virtual worlds; gamification of artwork and game development - we provide an end to end management process that fosters unique collaborations.

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Industry News

Discover the latest trends in the emerging technology we work with.

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Interested in joining


We’re always looking for the best talent from around the world to join our team. If you’re excited about the future and want to share in our vision, reach out to and tell us about your experience in these fields:

-       Blockchain development

-       NFT implementation

-       3D art

-       Conceptual artist

-       VR/AR developer

-       Designer



U 506 / 47 Main Street Rouse Hill Town Centre, NSW Australia 2155

TEL: +61 (2) 8052 3865  |  Info@Virtua.Studio

Would you like Virtua to get in touch with you?

Thanks for reaching out.

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